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I've been collecting Lemp breweriana since 1982.  As with many collectors who are interested in Pre-Prohibition brewery collectibles, I really enjoy the quality of the materials and graphics in addition to the variety of items to collect and display.

This website is intended to be informational and a resource for novices and advanced collectors alike.  Knowing that the Lemp Brewery produced an amazing amount of products and advertising, I will attempt to show as many major pieces as possible but I cannot show everything.  Therefore I will focus on larger, more-colorful types of items such as signs, labels, glasses, steins, etc.  As indicated by the sections shown on the left side, this website will feature the following forms of Lemp breweriana:

    • Lemp Corner Signs
    • Lemp Self-Framed Tin Signs
    • Lemp Wood Signs
    • Lemp Cardboard Signs
    • Lemp Trays
    • Lemp Chargers
    • Lemp Embossed Tin Signs
    • Lemp Glass Signs
    • Miscellaneous Lemp Signs
    • Lemp Paper Lithographs
    • Lemp Bottles
    • Lemp Corkscrews
    • Lemp Bottle Openers
    • Lemp Bottle Labels
    • Special Lemp Labels
    • Lemp Steins
    • Lemp Mugs
    • Lemp Glasses
    • Miscellaneous Lemp Items
    • Is It "REAL"?

As with any exhibit or resource, contributions of material are always welcome!  If you have digital photos of any piece not represented on this website please contact me.  I would love to include photos of pieces so everyone can be better informed.

One last word regarding this website, I do not own the majority of pieces contained herein.  Not even close!  I am always on the look-out for Lemp breweriana to add to my collection so if you have a particular piece of Lemp breweriana shown on this website, do not assume that I already own it or would not be interested in it.  Please drop me an email and let me know what you have for sale or trade! 

Thanks for your interest and enjoy the website! 
- Joel Gandt


This website was launched on June 23, 2019

 and last updated on July 29, 2020